Important Notices :

  • Clinical Field IInd Year From Falgun 8 ,2069
  • All Pcl G.M.(H.A) 3rd yrs Studend Going to Clinical Field From Chaitra 10, 2069
Welcome to Kaipal
Kailpal Hospital and College Pvt. Ltd. (KHC) is affiliated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), which Started offering technical health science courses from the year 2060 B.S. The college is located in Nepalgunj thus has easy access to various Far Western and Mid Western parts of Nepal.

KHC has build up its strength steadily and is being recognized now as a leading quality education service provider and has significantly contributed continuously improving the standards.

The college is providing a strong foundation to its students through well structured learning schedules to enable them build their professional edifice of a bright future.
It is my my privilege to introduce this prospectus for Kailpal Hospital and College. The entire programme on college meet your needs- the needs of the tomorrows health professionals. The courses are dynamic, continually developing to ensure that your experience is the best it can be.

As shown by our generally excellent performance in CTEVT and the success of our students, the college is already establishing a significant reputation for delivering rigorous health professional education. Problem based learning at KHC is a breath of fresh air.

This dynamism comes not just from the commitment and vision of the staff but also from the students. You can play a role in developing and shaping the structure of your society, this is what makes it your course. KHC alumni's developing skills had already benefited the local community in a variety of initiatives.

We look forward to welcoming you, in the potential next class of KHC, to an exciting education and vibrant college. A college you will enjoy and where you will make your own unique contribution, fulfilling not only your own potential but also that of KHC.

Kaipal Hospital & College

  • To improve academic advising services to better serve all students by ensuring all academic advisors and other relevant staffs, receive appropriate training on academic advising process and principles
  • To provide an interactive and collaborative educational environment that strengthens learning, provide credentialing opportunities and contribute to lifelong educational and professional growth.
  • To increase the accessibility of the college for potential underrepresented populations
  • To increase positive community awareness and collaboration through a supportive culture which promotes college accountability
  • To bring advance innovation and effectiveness in teaching and students services through collaboration, professional development, training and technology
  • To maintain and enhance high quality services in the areas of administrations, instructions, students services and college operations
  • To provide scholarship opportunities for dalit, Janajati, marginalized groups and deserving students
  • To increase girls enrollment by providing different sorts of scholarship scheme
  1. It is compulsory for all the students to wear the prescribed uniform (Sky blue shirt with institute monogram, light blue pant, Black leather shoes, Institute tie, Blue pullover in winter) while in the campus.
  2. No student will be absent from any of the lecture without prior information to class coordinator/principal.
  3. Attendance of student in theory should be not less than 80% and that of practical 90% otherwise he/she will be expelled from final exam.
  4. Drug, alcohol abuse, smoking, Chewing tobacco and others inside college premises is strictly prohabitated.
  5. Physical assault or threat to any member of teaching, non-teaching staff and against any student within the college and outside will be rusticated.
  6. Willful destruction of the institute property will be fined and rusticated
  7. Mobile phone restricted at college boundry at time of lectural and Practical time.
  8. At college boundry all teacher  and administrative staff must  put mobile phone at silent mode.

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All pcl G.M.(H.A) 3rd yrs studend going to clinical field from chaitra 10, 2069 All PCM / G.M. (H.A) 3rd years student are invited for clinical field
Blood Donation Program Kailpal has organised blood donation program which was made successful by students and staffs members
Welcome program successfully conducted Welcome Program - 2073 has been concluded successfully

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3rd Feb, 2016

Kaipal Welcome Programme 2016

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